Dedication to design future safety

We are developing high performing yet cost 
effective radar technology because cost matters to
make safety available for everyone regardless the
wealth and to solve safety inequality problems
such as higher traffic death rate inlower
income countries – and this is what drives us. 

We believe in bringing safer world, equally for everyone.
bitsensing is group of passionate experts 
who are dedicated to make changes to the world
to ensure today’s and next generation’s safety.
We endeavor to develop highest standard of radar
technology for our everyday life and solve safety
inequality issue regardless the wealth.

Bringing smart cities closer

We design and develop radar sensors for
various smart city solutions that are cost
efficient enough to be spread to less
wealthier cities from mobility, security,
healthcare, building automation and more
to improve citizens’ quality of life through
increased efficiency, safe, clean and
sustainable environment.

Future Mobility

We are expert in providing high resolution radar that
is robust under all weather and light condition to
enhance the road users and in-car passengers’ safety,
to enhance quality of life by reducing traffic
congestion and travel time or even to make city smart
and efficient by providing data for policy makers to
determine infrastructural needs for roads or highways. 

However more importantly the data can be used to
build layer of real-time dynamic  map and specific
route planning which will be used to build the
infrastructure for smart cities and self-driving cars.

Tailored to your needs

We understand the complicated and
unique environment that require
highly customisable sensors.
We do not only to providea solution that
will meet these requirements,
but to exceed those expectations.

Award winning Innovators

We are innovators, trying to create
something that does not exist. 
We are open minded, creative and
prone to challenges. 

CEO. Jae-eun Lee
San Jose, USA : 3003 North First St. San Jose, CA 95134
Seoul, Korea : 165, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-Gu, 06247, Seoul

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