Customised to meet specific needs

Automotive radar for greater safety, convenience and autonomous driving

bitsensing’s 77GHz mid-range automotive radar provides Advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) for front application to enhance safety and comfort of driver and road users by providing precise object detection, range, speed and direction data.

Advance Driver Assistance System in passenger vehicle offers safety features like advanced cruise control, forward collision warnings and automatic emergency braking and more. These features are proven to reduce road fatalities as it minimizes human error and prevents road accidents. These can also be used in industrial vehicles which can be more hazardous and fatal.

It can identify and track up to 32 targets in the vehicle’s path to alert drivers or self-driving control systems of other vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists or pedestrians that are in the way.

MXR710 provides two measurement modes within a single package. Built with MIMO technology and advanced signal processing algorithms, it offers the high-resolution single chip solution that is highly scalable and cost efficient.

We offer customised automotive radar solution to meet complicated and different types of needs of passenger and industrial vehicle - powered by expert teams with more than 10 years of experience of design, develop and mass producing automotive radar.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Pedestrian and Cyclist Collision Warning
  • Automatic Emergency Brakingt


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